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New 2017 video release – Great Freight Volume 8


It’s time for our new 2017 video release, on DVD and VHS for those who love that old format! Once again, we’ve been busy, travelling to over 50 locations to capture the best glimpses of Freight trains, specials, and even the Eurostar!

Introducing Great Freight Volume 8 – available on DVD and VHS.
With 100 minutes of film, plus a special printed info sheet included, there is plenty to see on this title.


NEW UK Train Video – Great Freight Vol. 7 Released!

Travelling around the country attending train sightings and galas is what we love to do here at Sutton Park Videos. As you’ve come to expect from us, we filmed a lot of this and we can present our latest video title!

Introducing Great Freight Volume 7 – available on DVD and VHS.
With 110 minutes of film including BONUS footage of some Heavy Freight, there is plenty to see!


New Great Series Video Title Released!

Sutton Park Videos has just completed and made available for sale a New Video Title.

This is the first volume of a brand new series, of Great Class Mates.

Our first title contains a comprehensive, compelling Class review of today’s varied Freight and Passenger workings.

Visit the dedicated page for more information NOW!

Steam Train Photos | As beautiful as our Steam Train DVDs

We’ve added some further beautiful Steam Train photos to the Steam photo gallery.  Don’t you just love these mechanical wonders?

You might recognise some of these trains, and some of the locations!

Shopping Cart for our Train DVDs

Today we have finished putting into place and testing our new Shopping Cart system for our Train DVDs!

You can now order your videos of trains from our huge range of train DVDs and VHS tapes completely online.  It’s easy to do now, and here’s how:

  • Simply view the title’s pages
  • decide what you want to purchase
  • click the add to cart button on that title’s page – whether you want DVD or VHS
  • repeat until all the titles you want are in your shopping cart
  • visit the shopping cart (either in the dedicated page or at the bottom of any of the individual title’s pages
  • click the “Checkout via Paypal” button
  • This will take you to Paypal, where you can pay via your Paypal account or on a credit / debit card
  • Upon payment completion, you will be returned to the site!

This is all good, because it will be just as easy (if not easier) for us to process your orders, and now you can shop whenever it suits you – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Let us know how you get on, or if you have any problems.  If you love the system, then we also would be pleased to hear from you.